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Events 2014
When there is news about the 2015 festivals it will be added here asap. Until then I'll keep the 2014 dates on here, so that you will at least have an indication about when the fests will take place.

New: you can now click on the festival you want to know more about, the links will take you to the lotro-wiki pages with all the information you could wish for on the festivals.

 Anniversary Festival 2014
 16 April - 29 April
 Spring Festival 2014  20 May - 3 June
 Treasure Hunt
 28 June - 1 July
 22 July - 24 July
 Summer Festival 2014
 22 July - 8 August
 Farmer's Faire 2014  2 Sept- 16 Sept
 The Tale of the
Shipwrecked Mariners 2014

 19 Sept - 21 Sept
 Bilbo & Frodo's Birthday 2014
 16 Sept - 24 Sept  
 Harvestmath 2014
 21 Okt - 5 Nov
 Yuletide Festival 2014
 16 Dec - 15 Jan
Words of Wisdom
A city on a hill she was, strong Byre Tor, fair Byre Tor. From far across the plains her banners we espied. And she was a comfort in time of pain, time of want. But the winter came, and with it an iron tide. And it was our day to comfort, our time to protect. From each corner of the land all would ride. To that city on the hill, strong Byre Tor, fair Byre Tor.

- Song of Gleowine - Byre Tor
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Transfer to: ARKENSTONE


Good adventurer,

The time has come for you to leave this world and seek another, where the brave stand shoulder to shoulder against the Enemy and the rest of your journey lies before you.

The new transfer process is now available via the game launcher. With it, you may move all your characters and their shared belongings to another world. (Shared currency, shared storage, housing storage, Destiny, and wardrobe are transferred with accounts.) Kinships are transferred with Kin leaders. Kin members who follow the leader will remain in the Kinship in the new world.

Within the next few weeks, the server consolidation will conclude and many of the worlds will go dark. Make plans now to move to one of the worlds that will remain. Transfers from darkened worlds will stay free and available for the foreseeable future.

Steps for transferring your account:

1. Detach any items from your in-game mail that you wish to keep

2. Choose a remaining world or worlds for your move (see the list below)

3. Open the game launcher, log in, and select Transfer

4. Follow the instructions in the transfer wizard.

Some small gifts have been placed in your inventory in thanks for your patience during this transition.

For more updates and information, please visit the Lord of the Rings Online website and follow us on social media.

Here is the list of worlds that will remain after the server consolidation is complete.













In Memoriam
In loving memory of a dear friend, kind, caring, honest, and a fierce and mighty kinleader: William John King / Skyluin

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Short News

New to the info page (click on the name here to get to the page, or go to the information page. On the information page you can find many more interesting, helpful pages): 
- Addresses
- Deeds - Deed location maps
- Cosmetic Pets
- Updated: Areas - All about Quest packs/Expansions - incl. TP to earn per area (formerly 'TP to earn per Quest pack/Expansion')
- For the website administrators: Edit kinwebsite - Short guide

And it's still going on: people trying to sell cosmetics from 'outfitter' NPC's on the Auction Hall. So please make sure to check the list of cosmetics you can buy for a few silver coins from outfitters on this website (Cosmetics page) or simply google/lotro-wiki the outfit you've seen in AH if you don't really trust it, or even if you do trust it.. Also warn your friends in-game so no one becomes a victim of this outrageous behaviour of some other players (yes it's a shame that this is happening..)
Welcome to Ignition,

Ignition is a kinship on the Windfola server of The Lord of the Rings Online led by Skyluin.
When you are a part of Ignition, you are a part of a community based on friendship.
You are part of a family.
Whenever you need help, whenever you are in need of a listening ear,
Your kinmembers are there for you.
This is what Ignition is about.

Our in-game address is:
5 Waterbank Road
Falathorn Homesteads

There are many other homes where our kinmembers can find things like crafting materials, dyes and shards. Please check the 'Addresses' list (info page) for a list of all places you can visit :) 

Feel free to add your own posts, quotes, stories/poems (library) or whatever you would like on this site. If there is anything you would like to see or do either with this site or in-game, please don’t hesitate to contact Ignition’s leader Skyluin, our Executive Officer, Iminye or any other officer.  We "sit at a round table" together, and no one persons voice has any more influence or "weight" than anothers.  Whether one has been in kin for a long while or was just recruited yesterday, all are full family members and have an equal say in discussions, decision, etc.

We hope that you will enjoy a long, happy, fun-filled gaming experience with our kinship and that you will make many new friends inside the game.

See you in-game, and wish you all the best!

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